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First of the Month: BuJo Update!

Alright…this is my FIRST ever bullet journal post!

I came to bullet journaling in December 2017 because I needed a way to keep track of my bazillion tasks at work, my grueling grad school schedule, and whatever tiny amount of free time I could accrue.  Since then, it’s become an outlet for my crafty side while keeping my brain organized and my life on track.

So, on to February 2019!

50946172_484628498732352_5954413234629902336_nTime for some straight-up honesty:  I’m not one to take super fancy pictures of my bujo.  Ain’t nobody (in this house) got time for that.  So you’re stuck with my randomly lit, poorly edited photos.  Sorry.

ANY-way.  After January lasted 1548963651 days, I’m hoping February will be a more reasonable month.  I’m not a hearts and love person so the theme this month is pink and gray birds.  I’m not a huge fan of pink either but the birds were freaking adorable.  I grabbed the sticker pack during a bujo meetup so I don’t know the creator unfortunately.


Next up, I always have my monthly 51376300_484628528732349_5088448991968886784_ncalendar.  This one is super simple and pretty self-explanatory.  The washi is from Michael’s Recollections collection and the stickers are from various MAMBI sticker books.  This is a before the pen spread (obviously) but February is shaping up to be a stupid busy month and it hasn’t event started yet.  Eep!




This is the first time I’ve done a colorful habit tracker.  Usually I’m a minimalist kinda girl.  I want just the facts because it’s too much effort and takes too much time to color in my spreads.  But I’ve been out of a job so I have to do something in between job searching and networking events so here we are.  Straight up not doing something like that again!  It was a nightmare.  Also, I need to think up some goals for February.  Jeez.

51392113_484628618732340_4828804646829031424_nNext up are my Line A Day and Gratitude Trackers.  Pretty straight-forward.  And we’re back to NEVER AGAIN will I be coloring in those damn lines.  Freaking nightmare and it took me the better part of an hour to do.  It better be worth it when I go to write in my stuff.  Good news?  I won’t have to change pen colors every day.  So that’s nice.


Finally we have the last of my pre-monthly pages: My Currently Happening Tracker.  I got this awesome printable from My Blue Sky Design on Etsy.  I love tracking what I’m doing each month.  Sometimes my boxes have more than one thing, sometimes they are blank.  Just depends on the month.51155586_484628698732332_930165310722408448_n

Following my weeklies and dailies I have my wins and losses page.  It just helps me stay focused on what’s happened during the month, good and bad.  It keeps me in the moment I suppose.

So there you have it.  My first Bujo post.  It wasn’t great but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever written either.  Stay tuned for more Bujo fun as I attempt to keep this blog alive whether it likes it or not.