About Me

Hullo there!

I guess this is the part where I tell you something about me.  K…

I’m a twenty-something living in the frozen tundra that some people call Minnesota.  Until recently, I was a student.  Now I’m trying to figure out who I am when I’m not in school.  (Note: I figured it out.  I went to grad school).  I’m pretty sure that I’m a bookworm since I’ll read anything that has words on it.  Also, I think I might be a gamer because when I’m not reading or studying I’m usually playing some sort of game.

I know that I’m a wife to a super-awesome geek.   I’m also a stepmom of two mega cool little boys (who aren’t so little anymore), Piano Man and The Professor.  There’s also this cat that lives with us and supposedly I’m her human but you’d never know it since she has no respect for me or my rules.

Oh…I’m a HUGE nerd.  It’s really bad.  I’m the girl who will squeal and flail because of a Chaucer-related Twitter account.  It’s kind of embarrassing for those around me.  Sorry in advance.

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I’m pretty snarky.  I have a sarcastic sense of humor that’s often off color and more than a little dark.  I’ll probably offend all of my dear readers at one point or another.  My bad.

Anyway, this is my tiny corner of the Internet.  It usually collects dust because I get busy and then forget I have a blog.  Sometimes I post interesting stuff but mostly I just write nonsense.  Enjoy.

Here’s some stuff I want to do (but probably won’t):

30 Before 30

The Bucket List



  1. Hi Kate!

    Just a quick end-of-year note to say thank you for following my blog. I hope you’re enjoying it! (Love your idea for tapenade: eat the olives, leave the tapenade. Kind of like leave the gun, take the cannoli.)

    Happy New Year,

  2. Hi Kate, Thank you for following Learning from Dogs; we have 11 dogs and 6 cats here in Payson, AZ., so you would be very much at home in terms of your ‘day job’!

    I’m going to set up an easy way for all my readers to connect with all the other bloggers who follow LfD. Will give you a ‘heads up’ when that’s in place. Happy New Year to you and all your readers, Paul

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