Book Review: Faultlines

FaultlinesFaultlines by Barbara Taylor Sissel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At its core, Faultlines is about the consequences of drunk driving. It begins with an early morning phone call — the kind that no parent wants to get. Sandy’s son and her nephew have been in a car accident. One boy won’t make it, the other will. Two sisters, two mothers must deal with the fact that one son killed the other. A tenuous past is broken further at the exact moment when family is needed the most.

Meanwhile, other strange twists and turns take our characters on a spellbinding ride. However, it’s a bit predictable in their resolution. The writing was good enough to keep me engrossed in the story so even though I was correct in many of my assumptions, I was ok with it. Good writing goes a long way!

In the end, I’m really on the fence about this one. I did enjoy the story at face value. Everything gets tied up in a nice little bow in the end and it just seemed too easy for me. I like a little tension, especially for such a grave topic. Overall, this isn’t a bad book and it does demonstrate the healing power of forgiveness and openness. Certainly worth a read.


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