Book Review: How to Get Run Over by a Truck

How to Get Run Over by a TruckHow to Get Run Over by a Truck by Katie McKenna
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Author Katie McKenna got run over by a truck — and not a little truck either. McKenna gets crushed by most of a semitruck while riding her bike on beautiful day. Somehow, she lived tell the tale in an amazingly refreshing and funny memoir.

McKenna presents her situation with a wonderful combination of gravity and levity that you can’t help but want to be her friend. McKenna recounts her accident and recovery in all its grisly detail — from the feeling of the truck crushing her abdomen, to learning how to walk, to becoming a real girl again — she is strikingly honest. She whines, she curses, she sobs, and ultimately she thrives in her new body and life.

I have, thankfully, never been run over by a truck. Despite this major difference between Katie McKenna and I, I was still able to relate to her and her experience. I have an auto-immune disease that often causes me to be in extreme pain. I have stared down the tunnel with no light at the end and prayed to anyone because the pain is so bad that I can’t possibly be strong enough much longer. While it obviously cannot compare to McKenna’s life-or-death accident, it is always refreshing to know that it is possible to survive anything with enough faith, will-power, and help from friends and family.


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  1. “can’t possibly be strong enough much longer”. I get that. Sometimes I think we were born with a certain amount of fight within us and I worry that I’m using all mine up long before I really should be. Just to survive day to day now and when worse comes in the future, there will be nothing left to win the fight.

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