Ivy Leave Bound and Broke as F***

Today I learned that I’ve been accepted to graduate school at Johns Hopkins University.  It was my first choice and I didn’t think I’d make it.  I’ll be pursuing a dual program with a Masters in Museum Studies with a focus in digital curation and a certificate in Non-Profit Management.  I am beyond thrilled that I will be able to pursue my passion for museums and education.

Yet here I am, a student at this prestigious university, and I have no way to fund it.  I’ve been job hunting since before my graduation from the University of Minnesota in May.  I’ve had no luck in finding permanent employment so I’ve taken temp jobs where I can.   I’m $3916 short of the tuition payment due by August 22nd.  I’ve got student loan payments fast approaching along with my other bills.  The debt is piling up and my opportunity is slipping away.

I’ve set up a campaign via GoFundMe to help me in my quest for my graduate degree.  I know money is tight for everyone these days.  However, if you have a few dollars to spare, I’d be beyond grateful.  Even if you don’t have any extra money to donate, I’d love it if you would just pass the word along.

Thank you,



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