Help Fund Hayley

My friend is in desperate need of a new wheelchair.  If you have the means, please donate to her cause.  Please help get the word out whether you donate or not!

Hayley’s GoFundMe Page

Hi Everyone,
I’m Hayley, 29 and have a condition called Non-Epileptic
Attack Disorder (NEAD).

I have suffered from NEAD for 9 years and we are yet to find the cause or any treatment to help me overcome it. The seizures have caused me to have a very bad speech impediment, loss of memory and i also go blind for a time after every seizure.

About 3 years ago i started to suffer a new side effect of the seizures which meant i could not walk, since then my leg muscles have deteriorated so much that i have little or no muscle mass left meaning that i am completely reliable on my current wheelchair and have not stood on my own two feet for this time.

The wheelchair i am using was given to me by an elderly family member when i first started needing to use one but this is on its last legs (no pun intended). It is also not the correct size for me so it causes alot of additional pain (my normal pain level is excruciating)
It is also a manual wheelchair which i can not propel myself so i am looking at getting an electric powered wheelchair which will give me some of my independence back which is something that is greatly important to me as i have virtually none left.

I also need a fold up ramp which will enable me to get in and out of my house with ease and also allow me to visit family and friends houses without feeling embarrassed at being carried or lifted by them.

I lost my job due to my condition and im now unable to work which is why i am now asking for your generosity to help me.

Your contribution would make a huge difference to my current and future quality of life, ease some of my physical pain and give me some of my independence back.
Any left over money would be used for maintaining the new wheelchair and for any future disability aids i will need.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for any contribution you might be able to make.

Donations can be made from outside the UK.
Current currency conversation rates (subject to change):
1.62 USD = £1 GBP
1.28 EUR = £1 GBP



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