Hometown Proud? Never Again.


This is the kind of thing you’d expect to see in Syria or the Gaza Strip.  This isn’t Small Town, USA.  You don’t expect to see this in quiet Midwestern towns.  Granted, the suburban town of Ferguson isn’t some quiet back country road but Saint Louis isn’t the bustling metropolis it once was either.  This kind of thing shouldn’t happen here (or anywhere for that matter).

Since transplanting to Minnesota two years ago I rarely tell people where I’m from originally.  The few times I did mention my home state I heard things like:

Isn’t that the murder capital of the United States?

Oh!  That’s the one with that “legitimate rape” guy!

So I guess you’re a bible thumper then, huh?

Do you hate gays and blacks?

Obviously, Missouri has painted a wonderful picture of itself so far and this thing in Ferguson is just the icing on the cake.

Growing up I was all too aware of the racially charged views in the area.  I was exposed to it on a near daily basis whether from family, friends, friends of friends, etc.  Everyone knows it is there even when we try to politely ignore the tension.

I’d like to say that I’m surprised by the events but I’m not.  Alas, Ferguson was a pressure keg just waiting to ignite.  It could have happened anywhere in that city where racial tensions run deep.

These riots however have gone on far too long.  Should the police have shot an unarmed black teen?  Never.  However, looting, rioting, and destroying buildings was not the answer.  That does not help the cause of the African Americans in a town where those of another color are often classified as animals.  Those who are still rioting don’t even know what they are protesting anymore.  These are just young, dumb punks taking advantage of a situation that doesn’t pertain to them.  Of 74 rioters in the city last night, only 4 of them actually lived there.

It could have stopped there.  It should have stopped there.  Now, they’ve taken it too far and they can’t get it back.  Any progress that might have come from this has been obliterated.  It was a chance for Saint Louis to open doors and pave the way for better race relations.  Now, it will be decades before that will ever have a change to return.

Disgusting, Saint Louis. I will never be hometown proud after this.


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