Friday Fodder: Sisterly Thoughts

So my baby sister is turning 18 this year.  I was 9 when she was born and then I moved out when she herself was 9.  We didn’t really have that close sisterly bond…until recently.

Girl has developed a sharp wit and a dry, sarcastic, amazing sense of humor.  She’s captain of her high school tennis team, gets kick-ass grades, and is all around awesome.  We text/email all the time now and last night we had one of our funnier conversations.

InnatelyKait: So Dad is recommending Greg’s Anatomy (Grey’s Anatomy) to people on Facebook.  This is wrong for so many different reasons.

Sassy Sister: Oh. My. God.  Well, I guess Dad is coming out to us.

IK: Best response ever.

SS: I sure hope Greg bought him dinner first.

IK: Nope…that was the best response ever.

SS: Just talked to Dad.  He seems unconcerned by his love for Greg’s Anatomy.  He’s totally out of the closet now.

IK: Is it wrong that we are making fun of dad this way?

SS: You saw his post…he asked for this.

We do really love our dad.  We promise.


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