InnatelyKait’s 2014 Reading List

So, I have an Amazon Kindle full of books that I have yet to tackle.  I have this horrible book buying addiction.  If it sounds good, I have to own it even though it will be years before I have time to read it.  The Kindle only makes this 200 times worse with the really easy click the button have book delivered premise.  This is also a spendy button.

Anyway, to keep me on task (and remind me not to buy anymore books at this time) I am making a reading list for 2014.  These are the books I will read (maybe not in this order) and I will not buy any books until these are complete.

If I write it down, perhaps I will follow my own rule (right…).

And now: InnatelyKait’s 2014 Reading List Extravaganza!  Click the titles for more information on GoodReads.

  1. White Fire (Pendergast #13) — Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
  2. Doctor Sleep (The Shining #2) — Stephen King
  3. We Are Water — Wally Lamb
  4. The Goldfinch — Donna Tartt
  5. The Hobbit — J.R.R. Tolkien
  6. The Lord of the Rings (Books 1-3) — J.R.R. Tolkien
  7. In Cold Blood — Truman Capote
  8. The Other Boleyn Girl — Phillipa Gregory
  9. The Girl Who Played With Fire (Millennium #2) — Stieg Larsson
  10. Gone, Baby, Gone — Dennis Lehane
  11. Shutter Island — Dennis Lehane
  12. I Am Legend — Richard Matheson
  13. The Silence of the Lambs — Thomas Harris
  14. The Exorcist — William Peter Blatty
  15. 11/22/63 — Stephen King
  16. Cryptonomicon — Neal Stephenson
  17. Bone River — Megan Chance
  18. Medicine Men: Extreme Appalachian Doctoring — Carolyn Jourdan
  19. The Postmistress — Sarah Blake
  20. The Monk: A Romance — M.G. Lewis
  21. This Is Where I Leave You: A Novel — Jonathan Trapper
  22. Coraline — Neil Gaiman
  23. Clara and Mr. Tiffany: A Novel — Susan Vreeland
  24. The Poisonwood Bible — Barbara Kingsolver
  25. Anansi Boys — Neil Gaiman
  26. The Pianist — Wladyslav Szpilman
  27. After Visiting Friends: A Son’s Story — Michael Hainey
  28. Man’s Search for Meaning — Viktor Frankl
  29. Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic — Jenny McCarthy
  30. How to Be Compassionate: A Handbook for Creating Inner Peace and a Happier World — Dalai Lama XIV, Jeffrey Hopkins

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