Remembering Madiba


I think the love that is being shown in memory of Nelson Mandela is incredible.

I always get concerned when I see twitter posts celebrating the 2,013th birthday of America and people are stunned to discover the Titanic was a real thing.

This time, however, I haven’t seen anyone ask who Nelson Mandela was. His name seems universal. He touched everyone young and old. People just know.

My parents heard via news texts on their phones.  Friends were watching local TV programs that were interrupted to relay the news.  I was at work when the announcement popped up on my news feed.  As the story spread like wild-fire, everyone in my office stopped what we were doing to turn into the news.  Where I was, it was as if the world stopped to collectively mourn a man we had never met but whom we all knew.

Nelson Mandela was an incredible person. He was a bright light in a dark world. Hopefully the world will continue to carry his light forward. The world will be a little less bright without him in it. Heaven however has gained its brightest star yet.

Thank you, Madiba.


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