The Return of the Prodigal Blogger

GrandmaMany of my long time followers were probably shocked to see my return yesterday.  I have been known to disappear at random and give no reason at all.  Yet I can always be counted on to return in times of strife, usually my own.

Such is the case once again.

On April 11th, 2013 at 7:31pm my grandmother passed away.  She was 95 years old.

Now that her presence is gone, I sometimes wonder what I am supposed to do without her.  She was my driving force for so many years that I feel like I have lost my purpose.  The last time I spoke with her I told her, “I will be ok.”  I’d like to believe that is the truth.  I’d like to believe it, but in all honesty, I just don’t know.

She told me during that last conversation that I am the one she doesn’t have to worry about.  How can she know I can do this?  How does she know I am ready?  When her last breath left her and she vanished from this world, are my memories of her enough?  What am I supposed to do without her?

During my short 25 years on this Earth she imparted her 95 years’ worth of hard-earned knowledge.  It is my turn now to take what I have learned from her and carry on alone.  I will take her memories, stories, lessons and go out into the world and know that because of her I will know what to do and I will be ok after all.

Oh DearIn the wake of her passing I am revisiting some of the things she was so proud to see me accomplish.  I have been singing more lately, thinking more about my photography in a new light, and most of all I have been writing.

I hope to post on here more but as usual I will probably vanish without notice.  Things have changed on my end once more.  I am now pursuing an English major and a Medieval Studies minor.  I am working toward graduate school.  I want to share my writing but unfortunately I have very little time for it.  I will share as my life allows and with any luck doing so will help fill a small part of me that left this world with Grandmommy.


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