Stream of Consciousness Writing

I am not a writer nor do I want to be.  However, given the fact that I write stuff more or less professionally I am taking a creative non-fiction class.  The class is also conveniently required for my major.  So win-win I suppose.

Anyway, we are currently working on a memoir piece and we were asked to practice stream of consciousness writing.  Most people do not get to see the inner mechanicians of my mind.  However, given the assignment, I thought I would share them here.  You could also check Twitter (but it won’t do you much good because I update that about as often as I do this blog).

Ok, here are some of my random thoughts from the past few days:

Sometimes when it is slow at the clinic I get a little weepy thinking about how I decided not to go to vet school.

Then a client brings in their dog with a foreign body but the client declines to do any diagnostics or surgery. So they take their dog home to “wait it out” (i.e. wait for the dog to die a slow and painful death).

That’s when I remember why I prefer books over people and I get really excited about my decision to pursue English Literature.

I really try to put on my best face at work but clients just wear you down.

The fact that I can no longer watch Intervention on Netflix is more upsetting to me than it really should be.

Seriously though, that show made me feel better about my life.  I might be super far behind in the area of education and degree earnings but at least I am not a crack whore!  Score one for me!

If I were a human doctor, I would probably have my license revoked due to my poor bedside manner.

Honestly, we aren’t even going to touch on the horrible things I think about some people.  Just read the Pickles archives…you’ll get the idea.

Writing and photography are faux crafts now.  Anybody can do them thanks to the digital age.

But that my friends is a post all of its own.


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