New Look, New Feel, New Posts

Thanks to my fun and crazy school schedule, I have had little (read: no) time to update this blog regularly.

I miss writing, I really do.  So, if I still wish to write and keep this blog alive I have to take it in a new direction.

I don’t need this blog for the same reasons that I started it.  I began Don’t Eat the Pickles as an outlet when I was ill and did not know why.  It was my small piece of the internet to bitch and moan and share my fears with those who were also suffering.  Now I have an answer to what was making me so sick for twenty-five years.  I am a different person and I am in a different place.  This blog has to evolve with me.  I said this before but now I have a plan for where to go with it.

In my spare time (read: during class — KIDDING), I am only able to write shorter pieces.  Therefore, starting on Monday, October 29th, this blog will shift from a mostly personal blog to a single weekly book review.  These reviews will be released at noon each Monday.  For those who stick around and are curious, you may check the book reviews page to see what is coming up down the line.

Just in time for Halloween, Monday will see the release of my review on Ania Alhborn’s debut horror novel Seed.  For a good and scary alternative to movies on Halloween, check back here on Monday!

I would like to say that I will be updating with personal thoughts every now and again, but I cannot make promises.  My life has changed and so too must this space.  Be patient and hang with me while I continue to work it out.

Happy Halloween!


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