Before I Go

I love animals.  I would not be in the veterinary field if this was not the case.  Unfortunately, sometimes loving your animals means you have to make difficult decisions.  I have not yet had to make that choice for my own pets, but there are many owners who do have to make this heart-wrenching choice.

I am a supporter of euthanasia.  Many of my readers will remember Marley’s story.  Euthanasia is a very difficult and sad decision and it is very personal.  However, I have seen sick and dying animals, animals who are scared and because of the fear they are dangerous, and there are the loyal pets that have grown old and their bodies won’t allow them be the best buddy anymore.

Euthanasia, while painful and difficult, can be a very loving act.  Euthanasia alleviates pain, suffering, and anxiety for a loyal friend and companion.  Animals do not fear death the same way humans do.  Animals can feel pain and discomfort in much the same way, however.  When a pet is too ill to play, in too much pain to walk, or too old to move, one must ask; “Is my pet happy anymore?  Does he want to live like this?  Would I want to live like this?”

Despite the difficult nature of the decision, it is a compassionate act and the last measure of true love that any human can show for an animal.


One comment

  1. I’ve never heard that poem before — thanks for sharing it. Totally teared up, here, even though Bailey (appears) to be in the prime of his life. I can’t imagine having to make that decision, but I know that I would do it (euthanasia) for him, when the time comes.

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