Planning for the Future: Why I Support the Healthcare Act

I don’t have children yet.  I do have Celiac Disease.

I do want children in the future.  I never wanted Celiac Disease.

These two seemingly unrelated life events are the two biggest reasons why I support Obama’s healthcare plan.

Celiac does have a genetic factor.  First generation descendants are highly likely to inherit Celiac from a parent.  Not every child of a Celiac parent will have the disease.  So how can you tell?  There is a very easy blood draw that can be performed on a newborn infant to help lead to the diagnosis.  While infants who breastfeed are in the clear, infants who are bottle fed formula may have an issue as some formulas contain wheat products.  Many baby foods also contain wheat products as well.  So, what does this have to do with The Healthcare Act and me?

As a future parent with Celiac disease, I want my children to be tested as soon as possible.  I want my child to be healthy and I want to be able to feed my child food that will not cause more harm than good.  Gluten is essentially poison to a child with Celiac and causes stunted growth, horrible stomach pain, mood swings, and exhaustion.  I don’t want my child to feel sick all the time because of food that I am feeding him.  Food that is supposed to help him grow up big and strong should not cause pain and suffering.

Herein lies the issue: prior to the passing of the healthcare act, my desire to help my child would end up hurting him in the long run.  If my child was diagnosed as Celiac, it would then become a pre-existing condition.  Since it would be a pre-existing condition, when my child becomes an adult and applies for his own healthcare, the cost would be more expensive or he could be denied altogether.  That is a travesty that has been remedied by Obama’s Healthcare Act, with its passing, my child can no longer be denied healthcare because of a pre-existing condition such as Celiac.

I understand that many people feel like Obama is now making them pay for other people’s health care, but thanks to our for profit system, we were already paying for other people’s health care.  Every premium goes to paying for the medical care of everyone enrolled in the same plan.  Now, we will just be doing it on a much larger scale.

Yes, everyone will be forced to have health care.  Is that really that bad?  What is the downside for a parent not to have to worry about paying for life-saving cancer treatment for their child?  Why is it wrong for me to want to help my future children get the best start in life without hindering their future?  I hope that those who are angry that the bill passed will be able to see the good that will come of this change and keep things in perspective.


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