The Proof is in the Collar

This is the third and final installment of Marley’s saga.

Part One: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Part Two: The Only Way We Could Make It Better

Friday came around like any other day (time doesn’t really care how difficult your week has been) and the second year class was meeting at the barn for our end of the year clean-up.  As soon as I arrived I knew something was going on; everyone was all atwitter about something that was said during an early morning review session.

I was told by a friend that the college need a statement from me regarding the incident with Marley.  I found this to be odd since it was a routine euthanasia of a dog with documented aggressive behavior.  However, one person did not see it to be that way.  Now many animals’ lives were on the line and the credibility of a good technician and a caring instructor.

It seems that the girl contacted the animal rescues in the area and told them the college was needlessly euthanizing healthy, adoptable dogs.  In truth, Marley was the first dog to be euthanized for aggression in the past seven years.  That fact didn’t matter to the rescues.  The girl’s statement changed everything in a matter of moments.  Now the rescues don’t want to deal with the college’s dogs.  This means that the dogs and cats pulled from high kill shelters to  be treated by the college; spayed/neutered, vaccinated, medicated for disease; will most likely be returned to that same high kills shelter.  That would be a death sentence for sure.  The girl had been so focused on saving one un-savable dog, that her hasty decisions, made out of anger,  may now cause the death adoptable animals.

Now it is all over and done.  Classes are finished and I am finally a graduate.  Everything in those two weeks happened so quickly.  If I did not have that blue, camouflaged collar as proof that Marley existed, I might believe the whole ordeal was nothing more than a bad dream.


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  1. Congrats on being a graduate! Though I am sorry to hear about the girl’s choice to raise the issue of Marley and possibly put other animals in jeopardy. It is sad when one’s feelings cloud so heavily their minds that they do not realize the far reaching impact of their actions and words. Thank you for sharing this story.

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