Happy “Hallmark Wants Your Money” Day

Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday.  It’s entirely made up to get you to buy chocolate and flowers and Hallmark cards for your loved one.  Conversely, it is also made up to make those single people out there feel inadequate.


You could celebrate the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre.  I guess you could celebrate Saint Valentine himself.  They both involve killing and unhappiness.  Let’s have a hallmark card for those…because that’s what the day is named after.

Maybe if we were all a little nicer to each other everyday, we would all have more to smile about.

Instead of celebrating our love only one day each year (a day originally dedicated to death and killing), maybe everyone could make a conscious effort to be nicer, more caring, and loving ALL 365 days of the year instead.

We don't need just one day to show our love...there are 364 more days in the year...365 if it's leap year!

But, because it is Valentine’s Day, and some people might not have seen it before, I’m still totally in love with this guy…even years after living together.  He still turns my world upside down and gives me butterflies.

And no...he did not get a card for Hallmark Greed Day. He got the same thing he gets everyday: my love, respect, and admiration.



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