My First Award & What’s Coming Up?

So, what’s coming up?  Well, not much.  I’m writing a bunch of posts that are scheduled to go up in the next week or so.  I’ve also updated the book review page with some reviews I’ve also got in the works.

I also received a blogging award (my first one!) from Squirrel Circus (I feel like a semi-real blogger now!).  That was a lot of exclamation points…too many from someone who is nearly 25.  So, on with the award fun!

STEP 1:  List 7 blogs that I like

  1. Learning from Dogs
  2. Nick Exposed
  3. Personal Perceptions
  4. willshegetaway
  5. Lesley Carter
  6. Moments of Exhilaration
  7. The Midlife Second Wife

STEP 2: Share 7 things about myself

  1. I have this really weird (and irrational) fear of losing a flip-flop shoe down a sewer.  My logic is that if you lose one shoe, you’ll only have one shoe left.  If you really like the shoes you can never wear them again (you’re missing one).  You could go out and buy new ones but they might not make them anymore.  It’s such a huge hassle to just lose one shoe that whenever I walk near a sewer in flip-flops I leave plenty of room in case my shoe decides to fly off.
  2. When I was a kid my dad and I watched this movie called “Alien Autopsy” or something and I was instantly terrified of aliens.  The same night we watched it, my mom’s car rolled over a lamp-post (because the parking brake broke).  We had to go and pick her up and I brought all of my favorite stuffed animals so they aliens would not steal them while I was gone (because the car rolling over the lamp-post was the aliens way of trying to steal my toys).
  3. My first car was a 1990 Chevy Lumina (aka Screaming Metal Death Trap).  The seatbelts didn’t work (I had to carry a yard stick to shove in the door to make the belt retract).  The car would always skid (wet or dry, flat road or hill, driving slow or fast).  Occasionally the speedometer would drop to zero (I’d have to keep my foot on the gas or the car would die).  Thanks to Squee-gee (my car) I now feel prepared for any car related issues.
  4. In grade school I would read so much (and all the time) the teachers would have to tell me to stop reading.  I was the only kid they ever had to tell to read less.
  5. I loved to read as a kid (obviously) and in first grade I hated math.  The kid who sat in front of me loved math and hated to read.  We worked out this weird and complicated system (at age 7) where I would give him answers on spelling tests and he would give me answers on math tests.  I was an excellent student back then.
  6. I rescued a lot of animals as a kid: A pigeon, a dove, a baby squirrel.  Once when I was riding in the car with my dad (who always was my partner in crime with the animal rescues) I told him there was a really skinny, sick cat near the side of the road.  He turned around so we could save it and it was a really fat, happy cat basking in a sun beam.  I just wanted to make sure it was ok.
  7. The first photo that shot me into the spotlight has been the bane of my existence to this day.  I posted it to my webpage for fun and it immediately ended up with 7,000 views.  Over the next 3 years it would get nearly 40,000…until I was so sick of it I took it down.  Now that I am no longer pursuing photography (and my image got a legit boost thanks to CNN), I am posting the photo here for you all.

A Little Help, Guys…I’m STUCK

Copyright InnatelyKait Photography



  1. I don’t know WHERE to begin — LOVED this post!!! (An awful lot of caps AND exclamation point).

    I also drove a Chevy — the two-toned (navy on top/grey on the bottom) Cavalier. I beat the HECK out of that car – driving it until the fabric roof came down inside — total ghetto ride.

    I was asked to stop reading – by my mother – in the form of a ban on books at meals. I showed her – I read the cereal boxes EVERY morning.

    Finally, the fact that you got 40,000 hits on a pic of kittens in a Build-A-Bear box amuses me to no end!

    1. My Chevy was nearly indestructible. For about six months I drove around without a front bumper after it was ripped off in an accident. That was the only damage to my car…the bumper fell off after being hit caddy-corner by a guy going 50.

      The reason the car died? The ceramic cylinders exploded on the highway. I drove it home (with my foot on the gas the whole time) and it died in my parents’ driveway…never to start again.

      I still miss that car sometimes. You can’t go wrong with a powder blue Chevy. Faux wood interior and everything.

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