Lone Elk Park and World Bird Sanctuary

Well, this post was published on January 5th.  Today it was gone.  I have no idea why.  So I’m now posting it again.  Enjoy.

Here in Saint Louis we have this great place called Lone Elk Park.  The story claims that when they were clearing out the land to use it as munitions storage, all the elk had to be killed.  There was a single elk who somehow managed to avoid the murderous scene, thus the Lone Elk.  Then they turned it into a county park and the area became known as Lone Elk Park (go figure).

It’s a gorgeous place with hiking trails, wildlife (such as geese, deer and…elk) and it even includes a bison area.  There are signs prior to the bison area that read:


I was not phased by the idea that a bison could run my car off the road with its head so I continued on my way.  However, when the bison did approach my car (and by approach I mean got within 100 yards of my car) I did lock my car doors.  Because, you know, the bison might try to carjack me…or something like that.

This was going to be a photography post…so on with the photos!

The Pair by InnatelyKait Photography

Elk_001 by InnatelyKait Photography

Hi There! by InnatelyKait Photography

Bison Grazing by InnatelyKait Photography

Following my visit to Lone Elk Park, I made my way across the street to the World Bird Sanctuary.  Also a very cool place (no carjacking bison either).  The World Bird Sanctuary rehabilitates Missouri birds at their bird hospital and provides a home for birds unable to be released into the wild again.  It is also home to many different birds of the world and provides a fun and educating environment for humans (hiking trails near the river are also neat)!

And now some photos of the birds (or really just Jake the Horned Owl).

Great Horned Owl by InnatelyKait Photography

Jake: The Horned Owl by InnatelyKait Photography



    1. Yes, I can tell Jake is really thrilled by my presence. Is thrilled the right word? Oh, sorry, I meant disgusted.

      I find owls fascinating, birds of prey in general, really. They are so amazing and what’s more is the fact that they are so graceful in the air when they weigh so much on your arm. Eagles and owls are heavy!

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