My Bucket List

Happy New Year, Everybody!

It’s been a while.  Is it just me or does anyone else feel like once the holidays start there is no time to do anything else?  I figured once school was out for break I’d have more time to blog, read, work on my photography.  Hell no.  Who has time for that with Christmas on the way?  Anyway, now that the holidays are over and things are back to normal for the moment, I have some time to catch up on past blog posts that needed minor tweaks (I apologize if I inundate you with numerous posts in one day).

So here’s my post for the new year.  Rather than make resolutions this year, I decided to make a bucket list (morbid I guess).  But, several people who were very dear to me passed away in 2011 and it got me to thinking about my own future.  So I started my bucket list the other day.  It’s a little lofty (I doubt I will accomplish some of the goals) but it will be fun documenting my adventures.  It may also help me actually keep up with a blog long term.

So here we go with Kait’s Bucket List (in no particular order):

It’s Tibet and it’s on The Bucket List

  • Watch sea turtles laying eggs on the beaches of Florida
  • Graduate from veterinary school
  • Use my photography as a means to help animals in need
  • See the Swiss Alps
  • Climb the Himalayan mountains
  • Visit Tibet
  • Go to Africa and work with orphaned chimpanzees
  • Live in another country (even temporarily)
  • Get married an avoid being a total bridezilla
  • Raise children that are happy and well adjusted
  • Write for fun and profit
  • Read 100 books in one year
  • Work for a company that is working to make a difference
  • Be happy with who I am
  • Own a “bully” breed rescue ranch
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Hold a raptor
  • Visit the Azores
  • Earn a college degree
  • Visit the Galapagos Islands
  • Swim with a manatee (or maybe just see one)
  • Learn to drive stick shift
  • Learn to shoot a gun

So, this is the list so far.  More will probably be added to it in the future.  I will also link to the posts as I cross things off.  It’s a big goal, but I’m hoping for a long and fulfilling life.

To view a less lofty list visit my 30 Before 30 page!  Many of the same items are on the list, but I can promise you that this one will grow, while the other will shrink!

Do you have a bucket list?  What’s on it?


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