Gluten Free is the Way to Be (For Me at Least)

Wheat is Evil

Remember, how I said it was possible that I might inundate you with multiple posts a day now that holidays are over…I apologize again.  I’ve been working on this post since December and I think it may finally be ready to go.

So, I was dealing with that mystery illness for the past three years.  If you hadn’t already guessed from the title, it was a gluten intolerance.  After I found out, it made so much sense.  Even weird symptoms that I never would have linked together (generalized itching, UTIs, and indigestion for $1000, please) all fit into a nice little package now.  Even issues I had as a kid all come together to round out this neat little diagnosis.

As I said previously, there would be a champagne toast to whoever figures out what was wrong with me.  And the winner is…my boyfriend and I.  After I made an appointment with a gastroenterologist, I was filling out his paperwork and it wanted to know if I suffered from…generalized itching.  I did some research on my symptoms and gluten intolerance kept popping up.  It had crossed my mind in the past that this could be the issue but I never seriously thought about it.  Even though all the information said, ‘DO NOT DISCONTINUE GLUTEN UNTIL DOCTOR TELLS YOU TO DO SO,” I discontinued gluten.

It was like night and day.  I felt better almost immediately.  Many of the icky symptoms were gone and I felt better.  Three weeks later I still saw the gastro guy.  He told me it sounded like Celiac’s which was when I told him I had stopped eating gluten.  The doctor then told me that in order to get an accurate diagnosis, I needed to stuff myself full of bread for two weeks and then come back for a blood test and upper endoscopy.  Umm…HELL NO.  Since I was feeling better without gluten, I decided to forego the two weeks of torture just so the doctor could tell me I shouldn’t eat gluten.

Gluten Free is the Way to Be!

So that’s where I am now.  I had a relapse last week due to some cross-contamination somewhere in the food chain (God only knows where).  It was a wake up call as to how badly I had been feeling…for three years.  It was unbelievably awful and I didn’t even realize it because it was routine.  Freakish.  One day I hope to get over my new-found fear of cross-contamination and be desire to take Xanax before eating (I kid).

For now, I am happy, healthy and excited for 2012.  Here are some gluten-free posts to look for in the future:

  • Whole Foods is My Homeboy
  • The Gluten-Free Traveler
  • Jesus Makes My Tummy Hurt (Gluten Where You Least Expect It)


    1. It’s scary how sneaky gluten is! I plan to go into more detail in another post but it’s in almost everything! Plus, just cooking with gluten flour in a home can contaminate gluten-free food with flying flour particles…three hours later. It’s almost ridiculous.

      Like I said, I plan to write up my thoughts on gluten-free eating out, travelling, and my new found love of Whole Foods (and their gluten-free donuts).

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