Reminiscing About Rosati

Rosati-Kain High School

Allow me to begin by saying that I really did not like high school.  I was an awkward , ugly duckling on drugs.  However, since leaving high school, I’ve gone to college and joined the “real world” causing me to realize a couple of things about my high school, Rosati-Kain.

First off, for being an all-girls Catholic school, Rosati-Kain is a fairly “liberal” environment.  This is not a bad thing in my book.  As students, we still got a well-rounded religious education but we also got to learn…biology and anatomy.  You know, important stuff.  There was none of that “intelligent design” bullshit.  We learned about God and right down the hall we learned about cells and how they build the body (I’m sure there were mentions of God in science class but they were few and far between).  We were also taught and allowed (encouraged even) to think for ourselves when it came to religion, which is an amazing and necessary aspect of any religious education.

Speaking of education and classes, the curriculum at Rosati was incredible.  It was challenging and engaging.  As a college preparatory school, they really do their job.  Most of the students will go to college and get a degree.  What’s more than just going to college is being prepared for the classes and coursework.  Rosati does an amazing job with this and I was more than prepared than the majority of my peers.  (There’s also a great deal of freedom in the classes you choose to take…very important).

The location is amazing and really an integral part of the Rosati’s charm.  The Central West End is a refreshing oasis in the shit-hole that is Saint Louis.  It’s a like a tiny Georgetown in the middle of an otherwise blighted city.  I cannot think of any other location in Saint Louis where you can see a protest against Planned Parenthood on one corner and a man in a wedding dress with hot pants on another.  There is so much culture in the area all within walking distance from school (I have great memories of time spent with friends).

Finally, I want to touch on the most amazing part of Rosati: the faculty and staff.  I have never attended any other school where the faculty and staff care so much about the students.  I graduated in 2006 and I’ve been back to Rosati on occasion (today, in fact).  Even after five years, the teachers still know my name and they genuinely care about what is going on in my life.  I’ve had college professors who get to know me for 16 weeks and after the final is turned in, they have no idea who I am and couldn’t care less about what happens to me.  Even though there are just a few teachers still at the school from my time, I still feel welcomed by all the faculty, staff, and students (old and new).

Rosati-Kain helps girls develop into outspoken and courageous young women who are ready to take on the world.  Rosati helps give women the skills and virtues needed to succeed in life.  Rosati does not only teach “book smarts,” but also “street smarts” and “life lessons.”  The curriculum, location, and teachers create a perfect storm that created an amazing high school experience.



  1. Wonderfully well-written — makes me want to do high school again — not at mine, ha ha, at yours! I hope someone from Rosati reads your blog and appreciates the beautiful way you captured how you feel about the school (particularly in a backwards look kind of way).

    Great architecture too…I like a building with character!

    1. The building really is great! Rosati is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and the building is an original!

      They have since added central heating and cooling, but when I was there they had radiators. There were signs warning the students about getting burned. Many a student have some great scars and some fabulous stories about how the radiator got them!

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