Melody Federer: An Americaine in Paris

When I was in high school, there was a wonderful and goofy girl in my class named Melody Federer.  She had an amazing singing voice and had big dreams of using her voice to take her places.  There were other girls in my class who also had dreams of singing and dancing on Broadway and such, but Melody was different and she still is.

Melody has a way of making everyone feel welcome.  She is gorgeous and talented but so down-to-earth you’d have no idea that she is actually quite a star.  She is simply a one of a kind person.

After high school,  she lived in Paris for a bit, singing in cafes, and has returned to United States, living first in New York City and now Los Angeles.   She’s making music and making a huge splash as the Inventress of Stride Pop.  Stride Pop (as quoted from Melody’s website) is “an original genre of music combining 1930’s stride piano of Montmartre and Harlem with the more contemporary, fresh bouncy sound of today.”

Her new album An Americaine in Paris is fantastic.  It is upbeat and perky and when listening I can’t help but smile.  Melody was even being considered for Grammy nominations in six different categories!

I highly recommend taking a look at her music videos on YouTube (or below) and perhaps purchasing her music from iTunes or Amazon.  You can also learn more about her on her website.



  1. You know, even “stars” can have rough days, and you, young lady, Princess of the “pen” make the day brighter and more beautiful. I wish we could have seen each other more–who knew there was a little Louis Lane there, scoping out the news. Thank you lovely.

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