You know, the Peanut Guy

Yep...that's about all he ever really did.

I seriously just had this conversation with my boyfriend…

Me: George McGovern fell down and apparently hurt himself pretty badly.  He’s gotta be about 900 years old now…Didn’t Geraldine Ferraro run as his VP?

Jon: No…she ran with that other guy…you know…the Peanut Guy…what the hell was his name…?

Me: The peanut guy…what the hell are you talking about?

Jon: Yeah…the guy was a peanut farmer…

Me: I’ll just look her up on Google.  No, she ran with Mondale, nevermind.


Me: Jimmy Carter became president…and you remember him as “The Peanut Guy?”

Jon: Yep.

Me: Ok.

And that was that.  Mr. President…Jimmy Carter…The Peanut Guy.


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