Christmas Apathy

My favorite version of "A Christmas Carol".

Anyone seen the movie Scrooged with Bill Murray?  I’m not a total Scrooge yet, but I’m seriously having a bit of “Christmas Apathy” this year.  I usually love this season and the merriment that comes with it.  This year, I really not feeling the Christmas Joy and I don’t know why.

It started with the music…two weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving.  I didn’t listen to it and I ignored it…until I realized it was everywhere.  I had already been ignoring the Christmas decorations that were out in September but this was just too much.

Is it just me or does Christmas lose some of its magic when it starts in…July (an exaggeration but still)?

I’ve also been dealing with the whole “Oh my God, I’m an adult now and on the verge of become a productive member of society) issue and it’s freaking me out.  More on that later, though.

Right now, I’m just working on getting though finals and then it’s a whole month off…meaning I get to study for summer boards.  I just gotta stay positive!


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