If I Had a Time Machine…

Jon (my boyfriend) and I were talking not that long ago about what we would do if we had a time machine.  Jon’s idea was some totally boring bit that I don’t remember (mainly because it was too normal).  My idea involved a little more planning and brain power.  Here it is:

So, we get a time machine.  Then we go back in time to just prior to the year 2000 and poll people on how evil they believe monkeys may be (I like doing research).  The we use the time machine to go forward in time to the year 2009 and we poll people again on how evil they believe monkeys to be.  We come back to the present and compare the data

It's an uncanny likeness...

My hypotheses is that prior to George W. Bush being president people might have thought monkeys to be harmless.  After his presidency, people might feel monkeys are more sinister than previously believed.

That is what I would do with a time machine.  Yeah, I should never get a time machine (if only I channeled this brain power for good).

And now, a monkey skit brought to you by Kids in the Hall.


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