Skeeter, Skeeter, Cat Food Eater

She may or may not hate's hard to say most days.

As I mentioned before, my cat Skeeter is a “special kitty.”  She found me and we’ve been together ever since.  I said I’d tell you the story so here we go.

It was the October after I turned 16 and my family was taking a long weekend trip to my aunt and uncle’s farm.  We pulled into the drive and as soon as I jumped out of the van, this small gray kitten started following me…and she never stopped.  The entire weekend, “Lil’ Smokey” followed me; not only did she just follow me but she brought me gifts of dead mice as well.  She showed off by climbing telephone posts and she was just generally adorable.

I was terrified she would be eaten by wild animals, trampled by horses, or squished by 4-wheelers and I had to save her (because that’s what I do with “unwanted” animals).  My family already had one cat at home and I knew the chance of me bringing this incredibly cute kitten home with me was next to none.  But my mom agreed (she’s the “tough cookie” when it comes to pets) and the kitten who was to be known as Skeeter got to come home with me.

Sunbeams are a cat's best friend.

Things went really well at home…for about 2 hours.  It was all downhill once Skeeter learned she could flatter herself into near pancake proportions and squeeze out from under my bedroom door.  Once that was accomplished she climbed my mom’s new screen door (and got shut in while still attached), she climbed Christmas trees, she stole Baby Jesus from the manger, and just caused general havoc.  I still loved her but the rest of the family was less than enthused.

Skeeter would sleep with me in my room on her own feather pillow next to mine (spoiled much?).  When I went away to college she couldn’t come with me.  She would walk around the house howling and looking for me.  She would still sleep on her pillow next to my empty one every night until I moved back home.  What can I say, she loves me too.

Then I met Jon.  Skeeter turned into Crabass the Cat overnight.  Jon would asleep on her pillow leaving her stranded on top of a bookshelf.  She was displeased with him and refused to acknowledge is presence when he would visit.  Skeeter is a person cat.  She likes me (and now Jon) and that is it.  Too many people make it more likely they will pet her and infect her with…people germs.

She even allows her humans to have play time on occasion!

Jon and I moved in together shortly thereafter.  She was freaked out at first and now I think she loves him more than me. I’m also pretty convinced she thinks we rent this whole house for her happiness and comfort.  The house also has plenty of windows that allow for ample sitting and sleeping room.  She still will walk around the house and howl if she can’t find us.  For being nearly nine years old, though, she’s a wonderful cat.  She only goes to the bathroom in the litterbox, she only eats cat food, and we can pet her without her biting anyone (it’s a lot to ask of her though).  She picked me and I’m really glad I’m her human.


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