Ode to the Missing Flatware

My parents' flatware was not so frisky...

When I was younger, one of my chores was to fill and empty the dishwasher.  It was one of my least favorite chores (is it possible to have any favorite chores) but I did it anyway.

To this day, I still get blamed for missing flatware.  My parents are convinced that I hated the job so much I would throw out the flatware to avoid having to wash it.  It is my parents’ belief that they had a full set of eight matching forks, knives, and spoons prior to my stint as dishwasher and after, there were missing pieces.

I have upheld my unwavering believe in my innocence…until today.

I was clearing some crumbs from my plate today and I threw away my fork.  I didn’t realize it until a few minutes later.  Now, I believe anything is possible in regards to my parents’ flatware.


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