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National Geographic Photography Contest

I remember reading National Geographic Magazine when I was growing up.  Even at the tender age of six, I distinctly remember being amazed by the photography and the range of work that was published in the magazine.  I can remember thinking that one day I wanted to travel the world with my camera, documenting the lives of people who seemed so very different from myself.

Eventually, I grew up, got a real camera, and started my photography business.  I did not get to travel the world (yet) and the whole business aspect was very disenchanting.  So, I gave up.  I figured that photography really wasn’t my calling.  I put down my camera in December of 2009 and thought that was the end of it.

I always seemed to be in Washington, D.C. during the time when the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History would be showcasing the National Geographic Annual Photography Contest Winners.  I would always be drawn into the exhibit and I would examine each photo for the longest time, fascinated by the colors, composition, and subject matter.  I would leave with a feeling of amazement and wonder, but I would feel this emptiness that I could not explain.

In April 2011, my uncle died.  That was the turning point in my photography.  I had not picked up my camera in any real way since 2009 but I felt this incredible pull, something I could not deny any longer.  I grabbed my camera and through the lens, I documented my emotions.  Photography has always been my outlet.  When I hold the camera in my hands, I do not feel the cold winter wind nor the heat and humidity of a hot Saint Louis summer, I only feel the emotions of the moment around me.

When I heard National Geographic was accepting entries for the 2011 contest, I decided it was time.  Of course, now I can’t decide what photo to use.  I have ideas, but every time I decide on a photo I freak myself out and change my mind.  I want some input from those of you in blog world.  Please vote on your favorite photo in the poll below and help me out a little.  A big thanks in advance!

Copyright Kd Reinhold

Photo 1

Copyright Kd Reinhold

Photo 2

Copyright Kd Reinhold

Photo 3

Copyright Kd Reinhold

Photo 4



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