My Puzzle is Complete

He's my missing puzzle piece

I’m in love with this man.  I really did not believe in soul mates until I met him.  He is my missing puzzle piece and I can’t live without him now.

I’m not an easy person to live with when I feel great, I’ll be the first to admit that.

I love you, Jonathan!

Since I feel yucky most of the time, I don’t even want to live with myself.  I can be super crabby and whiny one minute and then I’m happy and bouncy the next based on how my insides feel.

Jon somehow manages to live with me during my good moments and bad moments.  He makes me laugh when I’m sad and he makes me laugh harder when I’m happy.  I can really be myself around him and he loves me anyway.  I’m not sure how he puts up with my antics and manages to stay sane.  He can do it though and it allows me to see how much he really does love and care about me.

He helped me start my photography business because it was my dream…at the time.  He put in tons of time, money, and effort into getting me started.  When he saw it wasn’t making me happy anymore, he advised me to stop, even though he was the one with the most to lose.

Here's to many more years of love letters!

He helped me realize my dream of going to veterinary school.  When I made it into the veterinary technology program, he helped me realize my potential in school and that I can do it and do it well.  Now he’s helping me take the next step to getting my bachelors in biology and then going to veterinary school for my doctorate.

He’s helping me find a doctor who will figure out my mystery illness.  He’s helped me find me.

I will always be grateful for his love and support.  Here’s to many more years with the love of my life.


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