Gay Wizard Hunt

I don’t really follow anything Harry Potter related.  I outgrew witchcraft and wizardry about the same time I stopped believing that a morbidly obese man would fit down my chimney. I say this because I’m writing my thoughts on some news that came about in October 2007.

I was reminded by the radio today that J.K. Rowling had “outed” the head of Hogwarts, Dumbledore, claiming that she wrote him as gay.  I personally couldn’t care less about Dumbledore or his sexual orientation.  What did interest me in this whole story, however, was the public’s reaction to the news.  Many of the Potter fans were incredibly excited to know that Albus is gay, but many of the hardcore Harry Potter fans were shocked and outraged that Dumbledore is out of the closet.

“Holy crap!  I can’t believe that the great wizard Dumbledore is…*shudders* gay…”

Ummm…seriously?  You can’t believe he’s gay but it seems more reasonable to believe he’s a wizard?  That shocks me because gay people actually exist.  Also, the man walks around waving a magic wand while wearing a pointy hat and a robe.  I don’t want to stereotype here but you really did think he was gay after that show?

Come on people.  It’s time to join the real world.  Please, for everyone’s sake.



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