Why Can’t I Eat the Pickles

Them's some weird ingredients in my pickles, Tex.

My boyfriend and I love pickles.  Kosher Dill are the best.  But after eating said Kosher Dill Pickle, I would have awful migraines that would last for 6 hours or more.  However, I’d been able to eat pickles for years with no issues so I did not suspect their evil ways at the time.  Instead I went to what was the most likely culprit (in my mind), my glasses.

After a new prescription and a new view of the world, I went straight back to my pickle binges.  When the migraines continued, I looked on the back of the pickle jar for ingredients…Yellow #5…weird.

I went to the store with my boyfriend that day.  What did orange Gatorade, orange popsicles, and Sunny Delight have in common with pickles?  Yellow #5.

And so began my quest on the internet, medical journals, and library books.  What do ya know?  Yellow #5 and #6 cause:

  • Localized itching (like in my mouth)
  • Migraines (like in my head)

I’m a much happier, less itchy person without my Yellow colored foods, but slightly unhappy that pickles aren’t green enough for the rest of the world.

I agree, Kitty. I agree.

And that’s why I can’t eat the pickles (plus, it makes a catchy blog title).


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