Oh, Hell: A Vet Tech Student’s Tale

Today I was Principles of Clinical Medicine lab assistant for the first year vet tech students.  Today, was their first blood draw lab.  As I stood, watching the first year students, I could see this wave of emotion pass over each face as they realized exactly what they would be doing today.  Then I thought back on my experience that day last year.

I felt prepared for the task at hand, but then I observed the instructor draw blood and I got this feeling of “Oh, hell, I’m going to kill this creature.”  Then another student led me out of the room before I passed out.

I learned about the blood draw procedure and the techniques and felt prepared.  However, then someone hands me a needle, sticks a happy dog in front of me and says, “Go for it.”  I vividly remember thinking, “Oh, hell…I think I made a mistake with my career choice.”

The instructors and second year students point out exactly where the veins are located.  They told me to stab hard or the vein will roll and the whole time I’m thinking they are crazy.  But I drew the blood, there were hematomas and I thought, “Oh, hell, this dog’s going to lose a limb now.

All of a sudden, I’m the second year telling the first year students the same shit I thought was crazy and I’m even throwing in pointers I learned along the way.  I suddenly realized just how far I’ve come from that first hardcore lab last year.  Then I realized just how far I still have to go and thought, “Oh, hell.”


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