Information Overload!

Seriously, wow.  Sorry that I’ve been away a couple of days, a lot has happened.

Quick rundown of events (for those of you who are interested):

Applied for graduation: It’s about damn time!  I’ve been doing this whole college thing for 6 years now.  Finally figured it out.  I’ll graduate with two degrees in May.  (Thank God.)

Told “Tiny Voice” in my head to STFU: I have this voice in my head (not the crazy kind of voice) that alway makes me second guess myself.  I always feel like my photos aren’t good enough, I’m not smart enough, etc.  It causes me to get answers wrong on exams even when I am well aware of the correct answer.  Well, I’m sick of the voice so I’ve been telling it to STFU lately.  It’s going well so far.  I had an exam yesterday and only changed my answer to one question…to the wrong answer.

Reading Blogs: For those of you interested in taking more spooky, moody photos, check out this site.

Keep on Instig8in’.


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