1…2…3…GO CARDS!

So I was out late last night watching my Saint Louis Cardinals kick the Texas Rangers ass in World Series Game 7.  We won!  Heck, yes!

I don’t have TV at my house so my boyfriend and I headed to a sports bar and staked out seats at the bar 2 hours early for the game.  I’m not a huge baseball fan but after coming back from being 11.5 games behind in the regular season and then being 1 strike away from losing the World Series TWICE in game 6…I needed to see game 7.

They pulled through and kicked major ass last night.  Way to go, CARDINALS!

Also, way to go, GRANDMA!  She turned 94 on October 20th and has been alive to listen, be at, or watch all of the Cardinals World Series wins.

My Grandma. This woman is amazing. She has always been a huge supporter of me and anything I’ve ever done or wanted to do. If I told her I wanted to grow wings and fly to the moon she’d support me. She also tells it like it is. She won’t bullshit you if she knows you are going to do something stupid, she’ll let you know. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything either, she tells you straight.

This woman turned 94 on October 20th. She was up until 10:30pm last night watching her Saint Louis Cardinals win the World Series for the 11th time. She’s either listen to, been at, or watched all 11 World Series wins. She’s having a Halloween party today. She’s incredible and I love her.


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