Domestic Diva Lesson 1: Cooking Times May Vary

Domestic Diva Lesson #1

Everyone has seen (or at least heard of) the show “I Love Lucy”. I’m pretty sure I lived an episode of this show earlier this week.

In an effort to be more “domestic”, I’d decided to make Jon and I a frozen pizza for dinner. The box said to pre-heat the oven to 400 and then cook the pizza for 11-12 minutes directly on the oven rack. It sounded easy enough at least.

I decided to skip the whole preheating thing and just stick the pizza in the oven. I’d seen Jon do that hundreds of times, it would be a piece of cake. I figured I’d set the timer for 11 minutes and if it needed more time I’d just add on a couple of minutes. Yep, no problem.

Well, about halfway through the cooking, I heard a loud beeping. I immediately thought, “SMOKE ALARM!” No, it was just the house alarm going off for no reason at all. So I went down and beat on the alarm and turned it off. However, that should have been a clue to check on the pizza…but I didn’t.

Cooking Times May Vary!

A few minutes later though, I did smell something burning which is when I rushed into the kitchen. I flung open the oven door and was hit with a wall of smoke. Once that cleared, I was able to rescue the pizza, which is surprising difficult with only a piece of cardboard. Despite the scene, the pizza was not extremely burnt. I was baffled at how my pizza could have burned when there was still almost two minutes on the timer.

So I opened the back door to air out the kitchen and then proceeded down the hall to the office where I said to Jon, “Hey, don’t be alarmed if the smoke alarm starts going off…I’ve got it under control.” This was about the time that Jon came out and took over damage control.

We ate the pizza…it was terrible. Jon was a good sport about it though and didn’t complain. I made up for it today with an awesome pot roast anyway. Lesson learned, however.


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